Re-direct with confidence and success!

It’s important to know that many employees need to be coached along the way. You have experience you can share with them, and there are some really effective methods for coaching. We’ll talk about those in this FREE course.


Learn These Skills

Learning to coach your team with redirection skills is something that is predictable and can minimize stress.

  • Check your feelings on the situation
  • Define their behavior and effects
  • Listen while they respond
  • Create a follow-up plan 
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What my coaching clients are saying...

"Once I started learning Laura's techniques, I have been so much happier at work and at home. Now I am able to reduce the number of rock bottom moments! "

~ Female Dentist from Oklahoma

During my coaching sessions, I have discovered a lot about myself and how I can change the way I feel about this wonderfubusiness I have built. I am learning to love my practice and love my life!”

~Dental Practice Owner in Florida

"Dr. Laura has [also] helped me feel better when I beat myself up due to imperfections in dentistry."

~Dental Practice Owner, Minneapolis

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