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Why We Feel Overwhelm and How to Get Out

Most of us feel OVERWHELMED at some point! Owning a dental practice creates crazy days that can be a lot to handle! Do you sometimes feel like you don’t know what to do next because you’re stuck in an overwhelmed state and too busy to move forward with making decisions and properly leading your practice? If so, this episode will help you break FREE from this feeling that you’re experiencing and open up a new way of living and leading!


Do you know it’s possible for us to love our businesses and our lives by only changing how we’re thinking? Our brains are human, created by nature; and they do what they think they need to do to keep us safe. In this episode, I’ll explore how the biology of the brain relates to our reality: why we feel overwhelmed, why it’s bad for our businesses, and how to get out of that feeling. Sometimes feeling overwhelmed can freeze us in place, and then we can’t make good decisions for ourselves and our practices. But we have the power to change what is happening in our brains! Listen to this episode for the steps you can take today to escape from feeling overwhelmed, take care of yourself, be in charge of your life and lead your practice!


Highlights from this episode:

  • The job of the brain
  • Exploring how overwhelm feels to individuals
  • How thoughts begin our emotions
  • What happens when we separate facts about situations from our thoughts 
  • Why we feel overwhelmed much of the time
  • A look at an “intentional model”
  • How you can show up for yourself and your practice
  • The feeling that can change your life


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