Discovery Call

How Receiving Coaching Impacts All Aspects of Life

“Ladies, this is life changing!” says today’s guest, Dr. Ashley Izadi. Ashley is a Baltimore native, completed all of her education in Maryland, and bought her practice in 2012 while caring for twins! Her practice has continued to grow and now has 11 operatories and over 20 staff members who focus on the patient experience. Ashley is one of my Mastermind class members and shares what led her to seek out coaching, her journey through the process, and the transformation that this experience has created in her life as she has increased her awareness and intentionality. 

Taking control of your thoughts is empowering! Are you ready to take the first step in changing the rest of your life? My candid conversation with Ashley reveals how she has become a completely different person thanks to joining the Mastermind class. She has done the work to get to a place in her life in which she LOVES where she is. As Ashley says, her journey through the Mastermind class and meeting with the diverse group of dental practice owners has been, “Awesome... I think what is very valuable for me is seeing that other people feel the same way about certain things… Raising my awareness to see how other people are judging themselves helps me to be more conscious and evaluate how I’m moving through something.” All Mastermind participants learn from each other as a community, recognize common understandings of situations within all aspects of life, and motivate each other. The information presented can help you enjoy life. As Ashley says, “Jump in… See what you can learn from it. Give it a couple of months… for it to become integrated into how you think… I don’t need to reach out for support all the time, and that’s really empowering… I feel so much more intentional in my life... I’m leading with intention. I am leading my coworkers, leading my family. I am leading myself with intention and focus on what I want and what I want to do and how I want to spend my time. And that has been really, really powerful.” Now is the time to rise above your thoughts and get to a place in your life that YOU love! Listen to find out how you can join the Mastermind class and change your life!

Highlights from this episode:

  • How coaching can help you see things differently
  • The impact of judging yourself with your thoughts
  • Understanding why you feel a certain way and working your way through the emotions
  • Don’t “should” on yourself
  • Benefits of joining the Mastermind
  • How opening up and being vulnerable allows others to think and have a common understanding
  • What The Manual is and how it applies to life
  • Applying The Model to how we look at situations
  • Advice for someone considering the Mastermind

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